Facebook Users Warned About Scammers Abusing Mh17 Crash – Bloomberg

Facebook shoopers buyer beware – WINK-TV News

We encourage people to block those responsible and report suspicious behavior to our team of experts via our reporting buttons so that we can quickly take the appropriate action. Our teams act swiftly on this. Dozens of Dutch victims and at least six Australians were abused as advertising bait, Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad said today. If this happened, the perpetrators will be found and prosecuted, Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten was cited as saying by Algemeen Dagblad. The Netherlands lost 193 citizens when the Boeing Co.

Facebook ‘Save’ takes on Pocket for your read-it-later habit – SlashGear

introducingsaved2 Facebook says they may periodically remind you about your saved items in your news feed, but they havent made clear just how theyll decide when to remind you of stuff. Location-based reminders would be a lot like Google Now, it seems. The ability to send yourself a reminder to view a link would be handy, too. Facebook will be rolling this out via an update to the web, iOS, and Android over the next few days.

Luis Arredondo says he was scammed and nearly lost hundreds of dollars. All from a simple classified ad on Facebook that was posted to a southwest Florida group named “Lehigh Acres Sell, Buy and Trade.” “They offered two African Grey parrots they were trying to get rid of,” said Arredondo. Arredondo tells WINK News, the seller sent him pictures of the birds and even asked him numerous questions.


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